August 11, 2021

Historically, athletes, scouts, and coaches had to guess about an athlete’s instincts and in-game split-second decision skills. Before S2 Cognition launched in 2016, no technology was capable of measuring and quantifying how fast and efficient an athlete can see, think, and react to the action in their sport with millisecond precision. In just five years, S2 has put over 10,000 athletes, ranging from youth to professional, through their 30-minute digital evaluation. The S2 eval analyzes and ranks an athlete’s in-game, sport-specific cognitive skills, and then gives them a blueprint on how to develop these skills.

S2 is rapidly growing across nine major sports, evaluating athletes at all levels: from youth sports to the biggest stage possible. The S2 Eval is used in youth, high school, and college training facilities to build better athletes by knowing their strengths and weaknesses and using the cognition-specific drills to improve team and individual game performance. The S2 Eval has also been used in draft rooms of professional sports to build better teams by drafting the most efficient thinkers on the field and using the data and analytics to predict future performance. Not surprisingly, several clubs on S2’s client roster have won championships in the NFL, MLB, and NCAA in multiple sports.

“You feel good about helping athletes and teams who want to be their best. Our evaluation and training is all backed by science and data that’s proven to help athletes who want to challenge themselves and put in the work. Honestly, that’s why I work at S2 Cognition. I’ve played ball with some of the best in the world and coached the game at the highest level, and we all wish we had this available when we were playing. It will undoubtedly make you a better player. Now, I get to use the eval to help players reach their potential and see how they can build to win”, said Paul Phillips, S2's director of baseball/softball development.

Stories like this propelled S2 to think about how to make the eval more easily available to athletes globally. S2 has made several advancements with this technology and working on big developments to help expand and reach dedicated athletes around the world.


“We are here to help athletes, scouts, and coaches BUILD2WIN. Our technology and training plans are designed to help them achieve their goals – no gimmicks, no gadgets, just applying cognitive science to developing smarter, targeted strategies to improve in-game decision speed and accuracy”, said Scott Wylie, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at S2 Cognition.

After reaching 10K S2 Evals, S2 is locked in with unrelenting determination to make it possible for athletes globally to know their abilities and make better in-game split-second decisions so they can work smarter to hit their goals. To the next 10K athletes and beyond that are ready to eval their skills, it’s GAME ON!