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.NET Software Developer

Job Location

Omaha, NE

Published By

Eric Peters

Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

February 22, 2022 at 11:00:00 PM

About the job

About Us

S2 Cognition ( is a science-meets-tech-meets-sports platform that is currently being used at the highest levels of collegiate athletics by teams in every major conference, and in professional sports by Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and MLS. We are delivering a patented technology responsible for measuring how an athlete's brain works when making split second decisions.

Cognitive neuroscientists and colleagues, Brandon Ally and Scott Wylie, were watching the 2014 NFL Draft and observed analysts breaking down the prospects with words like great instincts, plays faster than his footspeed, nose for the ball, field vision, etc. What they were missing was a way to measure these skills. Together, Brandon and Scott launched S2 Cognition to leverage their backgrounds as athletes and vast experience of studying the brain in order to generate testing that's scientifically-proven to measure these unique abilities in athletes. The S2 platform gives athletes and coaches a baseline for how to improve their performance over strength, speed and conditioning drills.

Job Description

S2 Cognition is looking for a Software Developer to join our team and help grow our business into new and existing markets such as military, business, and additional sports.

A successful candidate would enjoy the challenges of:

- the detail of scientific research to build upon and expand our understanding of human cognitive ability.

- scaling software to support growth in existing professional athletics, collegiate athletics, and our new youth athletics initiatives.

- supporting new distribution strategies including resellers, mobile testing centers, and retail facilities, through the use of API’s, online payment systems, and modern authentication protocols.

- expanding into new markets (e.g. military, business, finance) and new sports (e.g. soccer, basketball, golf) through the development of new cognitive tests.

- working on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Xbox, mobile platforms, and in AR/VR.

Technical Skills

- Strong analytical mind and attention to detail

- Self starter / self driven and eager to learn

- C#, SQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML

- Microsoft .NET Core, Blazor, Visual Studio, XAML

- AWS 

- Strong math / stats skills

Bonus points:

- Microservices

- CI/CD scripting

- Additional Cloud offerings (Azure, Google)

- Graphic APIs (DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan)

- Xbox or other gaming platform development (PlayStation, Oculus, Nintendo Switch)

- Mobile development (iOS, Android)

- Electronics


- Generous holiday and vacation PTO

- Work from home opportunity

- Flexible schedule

- Health Insurance

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