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Why is cognition important in sports? What are the key cognitive separators of athletes at the highest level? Get ready for S2 to reveal sports stories and insights that you'll have to hear to believe.

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Dr. Ted Bashore addresses the difference between simple and choice reaction time and how they manifest in sports. He also addresses why simple reaction time does not predict in-game decision-making or separate elite athletes from average athletes. Be ready for a history lesson on reaction time in sports with Dr. Ted Bashore!


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More About S2

S2 Cognition delivers the only digital evaluation that brings visibility to how an athlete’s cognitive skills impact their performance. This data gives players & teams the insight they need to create customized player development plans and become better, more effective decision-makers on the field. 

How it Works

Learn how the S2 Eval measures an athlete's quick-decision skills & identifies how they can become better, more productive performers.

Directors, Coaches, & Scouts

Learn more about how S2 helps coaches evaluate talent & build successful athletic programs.

Player Development


Harrison Hunter

Harrison received his Master of Sports Administration degree from Belmont University in 2017 and completed his undergraduate degree from the

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College of Business with a focus in Marketing at Harding University. Prior to joining S2, he worked as an Account Executive for the Nashville Sounds baseball team and completed internships with the Tennessee Titans, 104.5 The Zone Sports Talk Radio, and Vanderbilt University Athletics. For S2, Harrison helps direct logistics, data analytics, and social media. Harrison played collegiate baseball at Harding University.

See how S2's data uncovers an athlete's unique skill sets to help them reach their full potential.

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Learn more about the value of S2 Cognition in these featured partner podcasts...


Five Tool Podcast Ep 34

Why S2 Cognition is a Game-changer, Featuring Dr. Scott Wylie

Forever, baseball people have asked an important question: why? Why does that player chase sliders? Why does he have great instincts? The S2 Eval answers "why"by testing the brain and, for the first time, truly answers this question. Dr. Scott Wylie, Co-founder of S2 Cognition, joined Dustin and Drew of Five Tool to explain the game-changing S2 platform. Click above to watch, or listen here.


Five Tool Podcast Ep 35

S2 Cognition Director of Baseball Development Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips spent 15 years in professional baseball as a player, played in the bigs with multiple teams. Then, he became a D1 college coach, AAA hitting coach and catching coordinator. Now, he's with S2 Cognition. Why'd he leave pro ball for S2? He explains that, taking the assessment data and applying it to development, the developmental gains he's seen using S2 and much more. Click above to watch, or listen here.


The D1 Baseball Podcast

Bringing S2 Cognition To The Youth Levels With Vanderbilt’s Tim Corbin

D1Baseball’s Mike Rooney sits down with Vanderbilt head coach Tim Corbin and S2 Cognition’s Scott Wylie and Vaden Landers to talk about the benefits of bringing S2 Cognition to the youth levels of the game.  Click above to watch, or listen here.

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