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S2 Cognition unlocks the connection between an athlete’s brain and their athletic performance.

Change your game, from youth sports to the pros

The S2 Cognition assessment is used by coaches and players across all levels of sports to help athletes better understand and train their in-game decisions. It works by giving athletes a series of cognitive performance tasks that have been specifically designed to measure and quantify the split-second decisions and instincts athletes need to excel in their sport.

From a quarterback's quick reads of the defense to a hitter's rapid decisions to swing at a pitch, S2 gives athletes the invisible edge they need.

The S2 Cognition Assessment Gives Athletes Invaluable Information - And a Competitive Advantage:


Brain Function Metrics
Related to Their Sport


Insights to enhance
their performance

SS_Assessment Icons__Trajectory Prediction

Learn how they stack
up against peers


“S2 Cognition is an invaluable tool that allows me and my coaching staff to get a detailed, inside look at how our players process information and make split-second decisions.”

- Tim Corbin

“The S2 Cognition evaluation provided me and my players detailed insights that can only be learned by going through this process. Most importantly, they helped us understand how to transfer the results of the evaluation into performance on the course.  They are breaking new ground for golfers!”

- NCAA Championship Golf Coach

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