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The S2 Team along with our partners in the MLB and Professional Softball are excited to announce the launch of our much anticipated Baseball & Softball Playbook.  Athletes & coaches can now truly take their play to the next level.  We are working hard to add a Playbook for all 9 sports so subscribe to our email list to make sure you are the first to know when we roll out new programs.  


The Playbook is the final step in the S2 System built for you to Build2Win.

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Welcome to The Playbook. This platform will serve as your new guide to training with the S2 System. The education, training concepts, and drill tactics in this playbook will help you understand complex cognitive systems and how they relate to performance in the batter’s box to help you develop your own unique drills and pathways for success.


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Last updated 3/2023



Cognition Education
  • Develop an understanding of how each cognitive skill impacts performance and how to interpret different scores.

  • Introduction to The S2 Core 4: What, Where,
    When, and Whether.


Training Philosophies
  • Building Cognitive Transfer Paths: Connect what you see > what you think > and how you react.

  • How to train in the context of your sport using a variety of formats to achieve transfer (front toss, machine, live arms).

Drill Videos
  • Access training drills with multiple levels for player progression developed by college and pro coaches.  


We encourage you to begin each course with the Education & Training sections. Education is critical to development and jumpstarting next-level training. Having this conceptual knowledge will provide the “why” behind each drill and allow you to use your creativity and coaching style to develop your own unique drills and pathways to success.


Score Interpretations

Understand your athlete’s unique pattern of cognitive skills & split-second instincts.

Education and Insights

Help steer athletes toward approaches & techniques that match their physical
and cognitive skills. 

Personalized Training

Develop & customize on-field training strategies that leverage the cognitive science of decision-making.

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