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Each sport calls for a unique set of cognitive demands, which is why we relentlessly mastered each S2 Evaluation to match those demands. Each sport-specific battery is tailor-made to give an accurate profile of an athlete’s specific cognitive abilities used when they make split-second decisions in game situations. Click your area sport below to see how it applies to your game.


Baseball Image


A fraction of a second makes the difference between a homerun and a strike. S2 helps you finetune your in-game reactions – in the box and on the diamond.

Basketball Image


In a 60-minute game, basketball players process thousands of split-second decisions. S2 helps players on the hardwood refine their reaction-speed and decision-making – in all phases of the game.

Football Image


In the game of inches, instincts are everything. S2 helps football players understand their “intangibles” – improving their ability to make bigtime plays when the game’s on the line.

Golf Image


A great swing starts between the ears. S2 gives golfers a scientific approach to understanding and improving their decision-making on the course.

Hockey Image


On the ice, you only have milliseconds to react. S2 equips hockey players with insights about their perception speed, spatial awareness, and improvisation.

Lacrosse Image


With 10 teammates, 10 opponents, and a 110 x 60 yard field, every player uses their brain to process thousands of decisions. S2 helps lacrosse players improve their game speed reactions.

Soccer Image


90-minutes, thousands of split-second decisions. S2 helps soccer players improve their field vision, read-react skills, and execution control for better cumulative performance.

Softball Image


As soon the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand, you have .35 seconds to react. S2 helps softball players to improve focus and react faster, so that they’re ready to make the big play.

Volleyball Image


Thousands of decisions happen each volley as 12 players hustle for the ball. S2 helps volleyball players tune out noise, adapt to ball trajectory, and attack the court more effectively.

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